Rema Biography, Age, Girlfriend and songs

Rema is a young Nigerian Singer and one of the most popular artist who has performed in different countries. His music career started after he was spotted on Instagram by D’prince.

Rema biography
Photo source: Facebook

He was born in 2000 into a Christian home in Benin city, Edo state. His parents also supported his music career as he started singing right from his second education.

Rema biography
Photo source: Facebook

He is an entertainer, singer and rapper. His style of music is related to that of Indian songs which is now very popular among other up coming singers.

Rema biography
Photo source: Facebook

He was singed Don Jazzy into the mavin Records in 2018/2019. In October 2019, Rems won an award as the best viewer’s choice. In 12, 2020 he received an award by souncity mvp as the best new rising artist.

He started his music in Nigeria. As a young boy, the only place he could market his music was on Instagram which really changed his life. Currently, his song is all over the country and music streaming platforms.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Rema

Rema biography
Photo source: Facebook

How much is his net worth?

His net worth is currently $1.5 million. His music became popular after one of his songs “iron Man” appeared on Barack Obama’s 2019 summer playlist.

How old is Rema?

He is is currently 21 years old

Is he a twin?

He is not a twin. In 2020, a photo of a girl who looks exactly like him was posted online and social media users mistook the photo as his twin sister.

Where is Rema from?

He is from from Benin city, Edo state in Nigeria.

What is Rema real name?

His real name is Divine Ikubor. he choose the current stage name because he adores it and it’s easy to remember.

Which school did he attend?

He attended Ighile group of schools in Edo state.

How do I contact him?

You can easily contact the young artist by visiting his Instagram page. For now, he did not drop his phone number on any social media platform.

What is Rema best song?

His songs has been ranked based on his most popular songs.

  • Calm down
  • Iron Man
  • Woman
  • Lady
  • Spidermanpeace of mind
  • Beamer

Who are his parents?

His parents are both Christians. Mr and Mrs Justice Ikubor are the parents of Rema.

What is his name on Facebook?

His official Facebook page name is “officialRema”.

Which song is his first song?

Rema biography
Photo source: Facebook

His first song is called “Dumebi”. He sang this song when he was still young and it is his first single.

Doest Rema have any album?

He announced his debute Album as “Rave and Roses” which is to be released on the 25th of March. Calm down is one of the songs is currently trending on tiktok.

Who is his best friend?

His best friend’s name is Namulondo Evelyn.

How many followers does Rema have on Instagram?

He currently has about 2,793,351 followers on Instagram.

Is he still going to school?

He announced that he has gotten admission into University of Lagos to study creative arts but currently, he is yet to resume.

Who is Rema producer?

His producer is Don Jazzy, the CEO of the mavin Records.

What is Rema latest song?

His latest song which is currently trending in all music platforms is titled “calm down”.

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